Demonstrationen the Solar Bubble Dryer at IRRI

Bimbo Isidro how cool is that!!!

Salpar Rizal Similar with solar tunnel dryer Mr Martin ?

Martin Gummert Salpar Rizal, it is like the solar tunnel dryer but much cheaper and with higher capacity (0.5t and 1t of rice).

Angie Maghuyop Hi Martin, how much is 1 like this? can this be bought here in Pinas?

Salpar Rizal Wow look like some one interested install in Pinas Mr. Martin

Grant Singleton Can you share this post on the IRRC Facebook site?

John Manful This is very good Martin. Well done

Martin Gummert Angie Macalam Galon Maghuyop, the SBD is commercially available from GrainPro in two versions with capacities of 0.5t and 1t per batch. For detailed information on prices I would suggest to contact GrainPro at

Angie Maghuyop Thanks Martin Gummert,,,