All Souls Regatta, 2020

November 6-8, 2020

The regatta was supposed to happen two weeks ago since COVID restricted travel restrictions had partly been eased, but then Typhoon Molave hit the Philippines. It went straight over Puerto Galera and 5 yachts that were anchored at the Sandbar were beached. All boats at the moorings of the yacht club were safe, including Magayon II. A second Typhoon, Rolly (Goni), came the next weekend with landfall on November 1, but for this weekend the weather is clear and the regatta is going on with 9 boats.

Day 1: Friday, November 6

Skipper Miriam and the Magayon II crew of 8 people (Names) missed the first day because of an important business appointment. The crew used the COVID certified water taxi to get to El Galleon, one of the two COVID safe certified resorts.


On the water taxi

Some bar talk in the club revealed that today was a missed opportunity because the course was Magayon II’s house course, around Chicken Feather Island and back. Soniya came in second. Because of the small number of boats they don’t have different categories in this regatta.


Martin could not join since he had to quarantine in a hotel after just having returned to the Philippines.

Day 2: Saturday, November 7

Today Magayon participated. She was the third boat at the starting line. Mavic joined the boat that established the buoy and it took some time for the first boat to arrive. Magayon went around the buoy and on the way back the wind dropped and they had to motor back, so they did not finish the race.

All Souls Regatta 2020

IMG_3211 IMG_5530

Day 3: Sunday, November 8

Waiting for the wind. During the night a tropical depression had passed by and the storm warning signal level 1 was still raised. So the crews wait in the yacht club bar for the go signal. At around 14:00 the race is cancelled. Soniya is 3rd in the overall rating.

IMG_3242 IMG_3243

Magayon wins a price for the longest distance travelled to join the race.


Historical side note: The other event this weekend, almost as significant as the regatta: Biden wins the presidency in the US.