E-mobility resources

Some of my favourite resources for e-mobility projects.

Basic info

Der faule Zauber mit Hybridautos

The ‘electric cars aren’t green’ myth debunked

Shades of Green: Electric Cars’ Carbon Emissions Around the Globe

What’s the carbon footprint of … a new car?

Diesel-Autos werden grüner: Die Rettung des Verbrennungsmotors?

Millions of electric car batteries will retire in the next decade. What happens to them?

Electric Motorbikes

Zero, the first real electrical motorbike.

Sur-ron, électif bicycles with lots of power

Conversion kits, cars

EV West, Conversion kits for VW boxer engine cars, based in California

Conversion kits, motorbikes

D&D Motor Systems Inc. Motorcycle conversion components, motors, controllers, based in New York

Conversion kits, all vehicles

RIPower, conversion kits for cars, boats…

EV-Propulsion: electric vehicle conversion company that did our first electric 
car conversion way back in 1975, based in NY


ElectricMotorsports, conversion components for all vehicles


Heinzmann Electric Motors

Denzel Motor 3kW with 4 speed mechanical gearbox, (YouTube)

GoldenMotor, 3kW Motor

QS motor 3kW with speed reduction, example for build

Golden Motor, China source

PMG 132 Perm Motor, 24-72V, 110A


Kelly Controllers


Building LiFePo4 Batteries

Introduction to battery pack design and building, Part-1.

GUIDE – How To Build Your Own LiFePO4 Battery Pack

LIthium batteries for beginners. Explains the top balancing well.

Video on building a 12V Battery, Bluetooth App etc.

Video: DIY 12V LiFePO4 Battery Pack (with 32650 cells)

Discussion on balancing before assembling: DIY LiFePO4, the build begins

Battery Pack Techniques: LiFePO4 Cells

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