Motorcycles vs. Cars

Biking Biking is an experience deeply similar to meditation.“

And Sex….

Don’t read if you are offended by adult language

Sitting on my motorbike for hours during my recent road trip I had time to reflect on some things, and add some thoughts to the above article I completely agree with. 

In particular also on comments I got from friends on Facebook or Instagram on my trip blogs. Among other thoughts, I came to a conclusion: Riding a motorcycle is like having sex, contrary to driving a car, which is similar to watching porn.

Real Feelings: On a motorbike you feel everything instantly. The temperature dropping when you enter a forest, and increasing when driving out of the forest or even more when the sun comes out behind clouds. You smell the Waldmeister that grows in the forest when you pass by. Or the truck fumes when you drive behind one, or the cow dung on the trailer behind the tractor you are just overtaking. In curves you fight centrifugal forces by leaning the bike over, in extreme until you feel the asphalt with your knee. You have acceleration of a sports car for a tenth of the price. After a while of riding on curvy roads I become one with the machine, and things just flow, as in other meditative activities, or when on drugs. And yes, you also feel the cold rainwater leaking down you neck when you have not closed the rain-gear properly. That‘s part of it. 

In a car, everything is behind glass. Similar to a porn movie watched on TV or the computer screen. You watch, but your senses don’t smell, feel or taste.

Danger, some friends say: Motorcycling is so dangerous, even if you drive carefully, somebody might just run over you and you are not protected – much safer in a car. A lot of them would like to ride, but say it is too risky. Appears to me like avoiding having sex because of the possibility of getting an STD, and therefore watching porn instead because it is safer.

Comfort: Yeah, biking can be miserable, a day of rain, a cold day, or the bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere. But that is rare and compensated by many days with beautiful experiences. And the feelings you have when the rain stops, the sky turns blue and the sun warms you up. You can also have bad sex, hopefully only occasionally.

Driving a car, or watching porn, you don’t have any of those “problems”.

But then, who prefers porn over sex? Most people obviously.

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