BMW R75/5 Restoration (2)

Revitalizing the heart of the Boxer

The engine block overhauled by Scherb with new crankshaft, camshaft, oil seals, oil pump, and piston rods.

Assembling the cylinders was easy and straightforward.

Top view with one cylinder mounted.

I had not bought the tools needed for mounting the clutch. A whiteboard marker pen increased in diameter with scotch tape worked well for centering the clutch. Three long screws with a few bigger nuts and some washers did the trick to compress the clutch spring so that the remaining three screws could be fitted and tightened.

Then the big moment came. After mounting the electric starter it was connected with the battery, the crank case filled with engine oil and the oil flow to the rocker arms tested.

Everything OK so far. The next task was to restore the frame.