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Welcome to my Knock Off page

Welcome to my “Shame On You” Page

Sorry, I can’t help it. Sometimes I hate being polite, culturally sensitive or nice. In particular when things are just not right. This page is dedicated to the shameless knock-offs, the poor service providers, the fakers, the ones witout own ideas, the thiefs and all the ones who take quick and unfair advantage of what other people have come up with in hard work and with ingenuity.

Lets start with a counterfeit product from China.

China Garbage, not only in the Apple Watch

April 30, 2015. The tech news are full of stories about the haptic engine of the Apple watch failing. Looks like Apple has serious problems with “China garbage” components (not my words, see below) of the Apple Watch made in China. Only Apple?


Last year in July I bought a Rodina Automatic Watch, made in China supposeldy by Sea-Gull, because of its  Bauhaus style looks, just to find out that it is shamelessly copied from the German made Nomos Tangente. Every design detail, except for the name, and the “China made” is exactly the same as the original.  Compare it for yourself. Yes, admittedly the Nomos Tangente is a homage to previous watch designs too, but it is not a 1:1 copy as the Rodina is, and it is based on a long history and watch making culture in Glashütte, not just a plain copy. The Rodina is a re-branded Nomos fake. Shame on your Sea-Gull.

 The knock-off
The Nomos Tangente

Not only did the Chinese shamelessly steal from Nomos, Glashütte, they also produced the lousiest quality I ever found in any watch I owned. Within two months the automatic movement did not work anymore. The company did not respond to my inquiry about warranty, local watch repair stores, even in the Philippines where they fix anything, refuse to repair it.

Why am I not surpised? I should have known. Actually I did, but I guess I just hoped that the watch would last longer.

There is only one lesson: Hands off Chinese products. They are made for the garbage can, except they are made under close quality control of a multi national. But even Apple has problems (see above).

Update, 21 May 2015. I got the watch to work again by knocking it on a table several times. It runs, but every day it is 10 minutes off. Crap.

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