Two Productive Months

Waiting for the SRRV visa to be processed gave me a welcome break at home

At the SQ counter checking in for Europe after a quite productive two months at home with good “outputs” and “outcomes”:

  • Spent time in Zambales for several drinks and dinners at Sundowners with Miriam‘s tribe. 
  • Tried to fix the outboard motor. This was the only unsuccessful project. After some difficult decision making – i usually don‘t like to rip things apart that still have potential for fixing- i decided to use it as the basis for electrifying Magayon II.  
  • Finished the CORIGAP project final reporting. 
  • Half year progress report for the LACP project and assisted T. with a rice mill standard assessment tool, drafted the manual.  
  • Applied for and got the life long courtesy visa for the Philippines. The impact: no more visa applications. No more re-booking of return flights at high cost. This was the actual reason for the long stay, during the processing time I had to stay put. 
  • Wrote a feasibility study proposal for Thailand and submitted it to the donor. (Most likely approved). 
  • After sitting in the dark for two days during a three day blackout, re-designed and upgraded the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for our home, which should now last for three days without grid power for lighting, laptop use and internet. 
  • Got the E-maha frame modified, sandblasted, powder coated, and started with assembling the electric motorbike built. Re-built the swing arm and mounted the motor. Tested it. It works:-) Designed the battery case. 
  • Assembled the second 48V battery for Magayon II, stripped off the power head of the broken outboard motor and brought the lower part for making an adapter for connecting the shaft and mounts for the electric motor. 
  • Learned spot welding and other skills to build and test Li-Ion battery packs. (should I add that to my CV?)
  • Repaired the 32V e-bike battery I had made in Manila and which had lasted exactly 3 charges because poor cells were used. It now gets me 13 rounds on my hilly test circuit on one charge. Before 3-4 rounds. Still crappy cells. 
  • Took apart and re-built the original battery after testing each cell and replacing 6 broken ones. It now gets me 38 rounds on the same track, which confirms how shitty the cells of the replacement pack really are. Quite happy about the outcome. Now the e-bike us useable on longer distance again. 

The morale of the battery story: don‘t get things done, DIY. 

  • Made a Magayon Mega Power Bank with left over Li-Ion prismatic cells to be used on long beach holidays – or during extended brownouts. Four times the capacity of the biggest commercially available cells. Can‘t take it on a pane though. 
  • Got some companies linked to the IRC exhibition. 
  • Did a bit of polishing for the Liberia Rice Value Chain feasibility study. 
  • Got my annual medical check-up done. 

Have not had enough social events during the time. Missed R&B’s Sommerfest. Need to plan for the Oktoberfest!!!

Also, except for Zambales, work every day. I deserve a holiday now😎

Next home projects: Sort out the motorbikes and sell a few. Sail Magayon II to Subic. Construct the electric outboard motor, finish the E-maha. Buying the cells and building the E-maha battery will be the next big challenge. 

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