The Crappiest Car

I ever owned

A Ford Cortina. Bought in the Philippines in 1991 or 1992 from a colleague who had done a lot of welding work on it together with a local mechanic he called Spot Spot (from spot welding). It had written Pogi all over the back window. After owning it for a few days I drove over a speed hump. When done with that, there was a scratching sound coming from the back of the car. I had just lost the fuel tank, which I was dragging behind on the fuel lines.

A few weeks later the engine blew up on Pili Drive. A local mechanic confirmed total loss and suggested to fit a Mitsubishi engine, because a surplus Ford Engine was too expensive. I agreed, and was then driving a Fordubishi for two years.

One day we had just returned from Manila, the car was actually going quite fast and smooth. Around 100km/h on the South Super Highway. We arrived home, went to sleep and when I backed out the driveway at our house, the whole front wheel assembly including the wishbones just fell off. Of course we had it fixed.

After backing out of the driveway…..

I more or less donated the car to Z., a student assistant of my project. He used it for another 2 years to drive from Los Banos to Munoz, Nueva Ecija every week.

Those were the days.

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