Ephic motorbike engines?

BMW R75/5 Cafe Racer

For the last couple of weeks I have posted several photographs of motorcycle engines on my Facebook account with titles like “Beautiful British engineering” or “Beautiful Italian engineering”. I added links to photos of Triumph, Norton or Ducati. Hey tried to find a similar German engine. But I could not find any that looks as esthetically pleasing the ones I posted before. The picture shows my 42 year old BMW motorbike, which is sort a beauty because it is a classic, but which does not compare to the classic English and Italian bikes in terms of aesthetics and coolness.

German motor bikes last forever, almost never breakdown, and are the best travel companion that you could imagine. But they don’t get the same excitement like a Ducati or more to go to a Triumph of a Norton. Or even an Indian made Royal Enfield. Two years ago in Germany I rode my brother’s 500 ccm Royal Enfield bullet, while he was riding my 1000 ccm BMW GS 80, and when stopping at a coffee shop, all the attention of other by passers was on the Royal Enfield, not on my cool BMW classic.