BMW R75/5 Restoration (1)

Purchase and Assessment

In 1969 it was the fastest serial motorcycle 

Part 1: Purchase and Assessment; Part 2: The Restoration; Part 3: Improvements

BMW R75/5, an all time classic

In 1989, after some years not owning a motorcycle, I bought a twenty year old second hand BMW R75/5. I used the Gummikuh (rubber cow) daily around Stuttgart. The longest trip I took it on was to Paris to visit a friend from the US, who was spending his holiday there. I sold the Gummikuh a few years later in dire need of money.Twenty years later I bought another one in the Philippines, still running but in very bad condition.

Astrid with my first BMW R75/5 on Heinz’ farm 
in Germany
Original condition of the R75/5 I bought 20 years later in the Philippines

The restoration took almost two years and was declared completed in January 2011. 

See the next pages for a restoration report.