Europe Roadtrip 23

I dont want a pickle – I just wanna ride on my motorcickle

Errands and getting ready for the bit events

Before this travel I had to stay in the Philippines for two months to apply for and get the courtesy visa. I spend the time doing some small assignments and on completing or working on several own, non-commercial projects.

Travel to Germany

The travel to Germany was almost like in pre-COVID times. No masks, not social distancing, no additional documents required anymore. The “New Normal” is back to the Old Normal. After another long haul flight stopover in Singapore I arrived in Frankfurt at 6:30 and took the ICE to Munich.

The weather in Frankfurt looked a bit grim. I had to take my sweater out of my suitcase – in August.


A wheat bear in my hometown after lots of errands on the first day.
Testing the rubber cow. After hibernating for a year, it started on the second turn of the engine. Only the rear tire needed a bit of air. Up the curvy hillside road, down another one. After the short rice I had only one comment: Oberaffentittengeil ist das.

The Netherlands

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Music (C): Railroad’s Whiskey Co. by Jahzzar

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