Motobuilt Pilipinas, Day 2

 To be completed

Winning after no expectations

Mavic De Vera Gummert: Vintage
1st Place: Laguna Choppers / DR Ave. Saguig – BMW R50/2
2nd Place: Dave Galvez – Triumph T140 Special
3rd Place: Martin Gummert – BMW R75/5 👍🏼
I hope they were referring to the bikes and not the owners ✌🏼

Going home

Pulling my bike out after the price awarding ceremony.

I had a pretty good ride back to Los Banos, not much traffic. In Los Banos the old and rotten accelerator handle broke and I could not rev up the engine speed anymore. The idle speed screws adjusted for slightly higher idle speed, and I managed to get home before midnight.

A great event, I’ll be there again next year.

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